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"Open your eyes" - The rainforest eye to eye.

Rain forest in danger, a danger to humanity.
The sad truth ought to be clear to everyone. Although the tropical rain forests* have already been greatly decimated by deforestation and forest fires, their destruction continues unabated. Obliteration of the rain forests would have an unimaginable impact on our global climate on account of their being one of the largest accumulators of CO2 worldwide. Following the war refugees, a wave of climate refugees would be created. Furthermore, the diversity of the Earth’s species would be threatened by virtue of the rain forest being home to more than half of our plant and animal species.

Art – a language that everyone understands. Art serving protection of the global environment.

For this reason, more than 160 international artists are displaying their commitment in the newly founded European section of the Rainforest Art Foundation. They want to enhance awareness of the beauty and urgent protection of the rain forest through art exhibitions, fund-raising events and cooperation arrangements in Europe.

Art creates resources.

Part of the sales proceeds goes directly to the Oro Verde Tropical Forest Foundation based in Bonn (www.regenwald-schuetzen.org), which is mainly funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and the European Commission in Brussels. Oro Verde implements projects dedicated to reforestation, environmental education as well as the introduction of forest-friendly farming practices in the regions affected by deforestation and cultural destruction and supports the setting up of protected areas and reserves.

Sustainable growth in art.

The aim then is to also win over more and more artists from more and more countries for the cause and in this way contribute to the success of the foundation and its objectives. This results in almost endless support potential.

Protection of the rain forest begins in everyday life; so we all have to be creative.

In addition to the direct financial assistance for projects aimed at protecting the rain forests, the commitment shown by the artists also serves a further goal, i.e. mobilising the public and raising awareness, because individuals can do so much more by reconsidering the way they act with the question “what products do I buy?”, a question that is also perfectly suited to the choice of pictures for one’s own four walls or those of staff, for example. Everyone can make a contribution towards protecting the rain forests by taking small steps. Being creative is the order of the day.


*According to information from the FAO, the three largest rain forest regions are located in Amazonia (60 %), in the Congo Basin (22 %) and in Southeast Asia. There are also smaller areas in Madagascar and Central America, for example.

In 2001, the artist Marlene Tseng Yu, who lives in New York, founded the Rainforest Art Foundation as a non-profit-making organisation. Her motto and motivation can be summarised as follows: “Enhancing appreciation of nature through art.”

Gallery owner Eva Wild took over as representative of the non-profit-making Rainforest Art Foundation for Europe in 2014.

Representative in Brussels: Ute Wiegand: Get in touch with the contact form!